Sharon Kelly, PsyD, MBA


The Little Book of Narcissism:

The Essential Guide to
Stop Wasting Time and Energy on the Narcissist in Your Life

The Little Book of Narcissism by Dr. Sharon Kelly

Do you have a narcissist in your life that is draining all your time and emotional energy? Whether you choose to keep this person in your life or disconnect forever, you can be free of the power the narcissist has over you. Compiled from personal and professional experiences over decades, Dr. Sharon Kelly will share essential insights that will help you reclaim your self-respect, empowerment, and dignity forever.

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Reader Reviews

Finally a book on this subject that is helpful, easy to read and provides insight into personality traits and also behavioral patterns of narcissists. This book is just what I needed!

What an incredible read. This book pertains to me in so many different ways. I love the approach and how insightful it has been in my life.